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Tacos  history


Tacos are a tradition in Mexico from the highest part of the country to the lowest, even many of the inhabitants of Mexico who live abroad have made tradition because in all states have their way of preparing them and the main ingredients of each region, the beautiful thing is that wherever you travel in the Mexican Republic you can find a stall or place that prepares tacos, in every corner of Mexico where you go you can run into some specimen, no doubt anyone outside of Mexico who visits the country, it is almost mandatory to try this superb delicacy.


Types of tacos


The flexibility of tacos is very great since they can be carnitas, longaniza, roasted meat, cochinita, al pastor, barbacoa, birria, head, chicken, seafood, among others, all depending on their ingredients. There are also types of preparation such as the following:

Dorados: Originally from the north of the country, it is made with freshly made tortilla, rolled and fried in oil, these are traditionally filled with beef, chicken, beans or potato. the tortilla should be fried and accompanied with cream, cheese, lettuce and can not miss the sauce.

Suadero: Made from beef, it is marinated and then fried with more seasoning. It is served with cilantro and onion.

Canasta: these are steamed tacos bathed in the oil left over from the stew, they are presented folded in the shape of a quesadilla.

Placero: this form of taco is called this way due to its informal origin and is made of one or two freshly prepared tortillas accompanied by a stew.

Ahogados: these are browned tacos dipped in tomato sauce, without spicy sauce.

Doblados: a tortilla folded and fried in oil, filled with potato, meat, beans, etc. The difference between them and the golden tacos is that they are served in the form of a quesadilla and not in a roll.


in any presentation the tacos are a pleasure of the mexican culture that can not be replaced with anything. i invite you to visit our taco recipes.

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