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International food recipes

International food is very varied in terms of flavors ideal to please both simple and the most demanding palates, we invite you to get to know these delicious recipes.

Not as healthy, but delicious!

International recipes

Brazilian coxinhas de frango

Brazilian coxinhas de frango are exquisite appetizers made in the shape of chicken thighs or tears. It is a dough that is filled with shredded chicken and fried. The good thing about this dough is that it can be prepared in advance, and the chicken can be fried when it is time to serve.

Salmon sushi

The salmon sushi is one of the most commercially available because of its delicious taste, it is also one of the healthiest foods since no oils or fried food are used at any time. The short grain rice has a very fresh taste that complements the other ingredients.

Moussaka ( Grecia)

Get to know this delicious recipe and experience new flavors, we recommend you to prepare now this incredible mousaka, a delicious traditional Greek dish whose main ingredient is eggplant and is responsible for highlighting its exquisite flavor. Dare to try it and go beyond the flavors you already know and become an expert in the kitchen.

Paella tradicional (españa)

There are many variations of paella around the world, the one we bring today is the traditional paella from Valencia prepared with different ingredients, all of them delicious, it is a dish that certainly lends itself to adapt to your shape and tastes.

Chinese food recipes

Sweet & Sour Chicken

This dish consists of battered chicken strips, a sweet and sour sauce and sautéed vegetables. In addition, some recipes usually add a touch of fruit, such as pineapple or cherry.

Rollitos Primavera

Spring rolls, one of the most representative dishes of Chinese cuisine. In this country they are served to celebrate the Chinese New Year, when spring begins. It is an exquisite recipe based on a delicious fried dough with vegetable filling.



Ramen is a Japanese noodle dish that has become popular around the world. It consists of a bowl of wheat noodles served in a broth of chicken, pork or vegetables, seasoned with soy sauce or miso and usually garnished with ingredients such as pork, hard-boiled eggs, nori seaweed, green onions and other spices.

Recipes of Colombian food

arepas colombianas

Arepa colombiana

Arepas are a typical Colombian dish, its main base is ground dry corn dough or precooked corn flour, characterized by its circular and flattened shape.

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