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Children’s recipes

Food for children should be not only tasty but also nutritious, because the better they eat, the better quality of life they will have.

Food does not have to be boring!

Recipes for children’s food

Dried noodles with chipotle

These dry noodles are a very easy and economical option to prepare at home. With their spicy chipotle flavor and delicious touch of Santa Clara natural cream, they are ideal to eat alone or in small cubes, accompanied with cheese and avocado they form the ideal balance and everyone at home will enjoy them.


Beef Meatballs with Sauce is one of everyone’s favorite dishes, plus they are super easy to prepare and ideal for a weeknight meal for the kids, you can combine them with beans and rice, you will have a great meal. They are practical to heat and enjoy with the family.

Crepe with fruit

Fruit crepes are a perfect choice for children as it is a delicious and filling recipe, plus you can play with the presentation of the crepes to catch your children’s attention.

Chicken with vegetables

Chicken with vegetables is a super nutritious and delicious option, which will provide all the necessary nutrients that your child needs since it has the perfect balance between protein and vegetables, accompanied with a rich natural fruit water.

Sausage banderillas

The sausage banderillas is a very easy to prepare, fast and above all delicious food, for the same reason it is customary to find them in street stalls since its cost is relatively inexpensive. It can be accompanied with different ingredients of which the most used combination is with ketchup, melted cheese and botanera sauce.

Chicken stock

Chicken broth is one of those home-cooked meals that make you feel good; it is a required food when someone is sick or simply needs something tasty, nutritious and with a taste of home. In Mexico every cook has his or her own version of this soup; in addition, each region of the country offers different vegetables and herbs to give it a special flavor.

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